With a finger on the pulse of information technology (IT), our spatial IT experts have been developing award-winning solutions for more than three decades. As part of Gannett Fleming’s geospatial business line, GeoDecisions® professionals help clients throughout the U.S. and across the globe improve their business and increase productivity. We push the boundaries of geographic information systems (GIS) by creating and advancing applications and revolutionizing how organizations accomplish their work.


Bringing best practices and innovation to every project, our subject matter experts hold higher-level GIS and planning certifications, professional engineering degrees, and Microsoft®-certified systems backgrounds. Through a unique blend of diverse talent, our GIS teams work to exceed client expectations every day. Our efforts to identify and mitigate risk result in more effective project collaboration, on-time delivery, and greater success for our clients.


Gannett Fleming’s GIS portfolio presents decision-makers with new levels of analysis, intelligence, and mapping visibility. Our services and products empower commercial, defense, homeland security, departments of transportation, and international clients to increase their return on investment.

We create leading-edge GIS solutions that enhance collaboration, improve our clients’ operations, and save them money.

Well-Rounded GIS Leadership


Planning, budgeting, managing assets and data, and optimizing resources are critically important in today’s global economy. We provide information management and mapping technology tools to help international and domestic clients accomplish these goals and navigate change through enhanced decision-making and better asset management. Partnering with industry leaders such as Esri®, our turnkey approach encompasses strategic planning and design through system implementation, integration, and testing.


Our foundation for success is based on the belief that the true power of GIS involves integrating diverse information technologies, data formats, and systems. Gannett Fleming’s team of geospatial experts collaborate with organizations to identify, develop, and institute affordable and time-saving technology solutions. As geospatial industry leaders, our services encompass needs analysis, database and application design and development, systems and mobile integration, logistics optimization, cloud computing, and ongoing training and maintenance.


SaaS Solutions


Built on Esri’s platform, our cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model provides next-generation reporting, visibility, and analytics, while extending web GIS and integrating business-specific workflows. The GeoDecisions AppSuite includes our growing line of SaaS products that provide decision-makers with the analytics, intelligence, and visibility they need for planning, asset management, logistics, security, incident management, mass communication, and response.


Business Specialties


  • Insurance and financial
  • Logistics and fleet management
  • Municipal management
  • Public safety
  • Transportation
  • Utilities.


GeoDecisions AppSuite Software


  • GeoDecisions Notify
  • GeoDecisions Track
  • GeoPlan
  • HPMSAnalyst
  • InteracTIP
  • TDS
  • TransAnalyst.

Technology Service


  • Application design, development, and integration
  • Asset and facility management
  • Cloud computing
  • Emergency response notification
  • Esri® ArcGIS platform
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile design and data collection
  • Planning and analysis
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Tracking and global positioning systems.



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