$1.7 Billion Caltrain Electrification and Modernization

For more than 150 years, residents and visitors in California’s Bay Area have used passenger rail to travel between San Francisco and San Jose. In a region that has become the epicenter of modern technology and innovation, the Caltrain system handles more than 60,000 daily riders along a 77-mile route with 32 stations. Ridership is expected to increase to 70,000 by 2020.


After years of substantial growth, ridership demand has outgrown system capacity. As owner/operator of Caltrain, the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (PCJPB) is implementing a $1.7 billion modernization program. When complete, the investment will electrify and upgrade the performance, operating efficiency, capacity, safety, and reliability of commuter rail service.


Key to the initiative is the Peninsula Corridor Electrification project on which Gannett Fleming Transit & Rail Systems is serving as the owner’s representative. The project will transform the system from a diesel-locomotive-based service to an electrified system equipped with high-performance multiple-unit electric trains that operate from overhead catenary. The electric trains will enhance capacity and allow the system to deliver cleaner, quieter, shorter trip times, and more frequent service.


Electrification also readies the corridor to accommodate California’s planned high-speed rail system, which will provide a one-seat ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.



Gannett Fleming partners with clients to achieve their program goals. Whether planning a new highway interchange, expanding a complex rail station, implementing positive train control, providing next-generation tolling, or tackling design, construction, operations, maintenance, or program management challenges, our transportation solutions feature smart, safe, and sustainable innovations that improve aging infrastructure and overcome urban growth hurdles.


Our transportation roots go back to the nation’s first limited-access highway in the mid-20th century, when Gannett Fleming designed major portions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. With the resurgence of transit in the 1960s, Gannett Fleming led the design and construction management of the first modern transit system, the Lindenwold High Speed Line in Southern New Jersey. Following the formation of the National Passenger Rail Corporation, Amtrak, we established ourselves as a trusted advisor and have built a long-term role performing nearly 300 assignments for the agency.


Our firm’s project portfolio includes the 1985 design of the Detroit People Mover and the 2013 award-winning PHX Sky Train® transit solution at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Today, Gannett Fleming is a thought leader in technology-enabled solutions, such as the Smart Cities initiative and connected and autonomous vehicles (CV/AV).


Gannett Fleming consistently ranks in ENR’s Top 20 transportation, mass transit and rail, highway, and bridge categories.

Connecting People and Places


Today’s communities require reliable transportation systems that connect people, goods, and places locally and globally. By developing leading-edge transportation solutions that improve mobility and minimize impacts to the environment, Gannett Fleming helps propel communities forward. One example is our work with Caltrain—a California commuter rail line. Our services will help integrate high-speed rail throughout California and create a more modern railroad that boosts capacity and reduces the carbon footprint.


Transit & Rail


With extensive experience in rail and bus systems, transit facilities, and civil and structural infrastructure, we provide planning, engineering, program delivery, testing, and commissioning services to the transit and freight rail industries. In an increasingly complex and cost-constrained environment, we recognize that safety, operating efficiency, state of good repair, stakeholder requirements, and risk mitigation drive program configuration. We help deliver system expansions and upgrades for bus, commuter railroads, freight railroads, and light and heavy rail transit systems.


Our areas of expertise include rail operations; systems integration; and signal and train control, including fixed-block and communications-based methods. Gannett Fleming specializes in positive train control and highway crossings; electrification, including distribution, substations, and catenary; communications; and trackwork.


Through new technologies, such as our TAROS® suite of operations software, we improve design, installation, operation, and maintenance.


Transportation Operations


Reducing fuel consumption and emissions, managing incidents, and providing vital traveler information are prime transportation agency concerns. Gannett Fleming has completed more than 400 worldwide assignments addressing these issues.


Our capabilities encompass intelligent transportation systems, freeway and arterial management, performance measurement, traffic signal systems, traffic management center staffing and support, freight operations, tolling and pricing systems, road weather management, and public transportation. Our team is at the forefront of Smart Cities initiatives, such as CV/AV, while efficiently managing transportation networks. We deliver operations solutions that provide clients with reliable asset intelligence and actionable infrastructure data.




For both new highways and major expansions, whether the solution requires diverging diamond interchanges or multi-span bridges and tunnels, we plan, design, build, safely operate, and maintain vital transportation infrastructure. Our experience ranges from corridor/location studies and master plans to interstate highway, major water crossing/junction, and electronic toll facility design.


Gannett Fleming’s portfolio features two-lane arterial, realignment, bridge, streetscape, and traffic calming designs. In addition to complex highways, our projects feature accelerated bridge construction (ABC) techniques.



Transit & Rail


  • Mass transit
  • Program management
  • Railroads
  • Rail stations and intermodal facilities
  • Transit and rail systems
  • Transit system development
  • Vehicle maintenance facilities.


Transportations Operations


  • Connected/autonomous vehicles
  • Freight compliance
  • Incident and emergency management
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Tolling and managed lanes
  • Traffic management center support
  • Traffic and safety engineering.




  • Accelerated bridge construction
  • Alternative analyses and constructability reviews
  • Design/inspection/rehabilitation
  • Diverging diamond interchanges
  • Drainage and stormwater management
  • Pavements and streetscapes
  • Roundabout intersections.


Forecast & Delivery


  • Asset management and technology trends
  • Corridor and feasibility studies
  • Design-build and public-private partnerships
  • Geographic information systems
  • Long-range/multi-modal/open-space planning
  • Model and application development
  • Performance and travel demands.




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Gannett Fleming consistently ranks in ENR’s Top 20 transportation, mass transit and rail, highway, and bridge categories.