A driving force in the industry since 1915, Gannett Fleming knows water infrastructure. Today, the excellence continues. With a robust portfolio of public and private projects, you’ll find Gannett Fleming’s seal on some of the largest water infrastructure initiatives across the U.S. Whether modernizing aging assets or designing new systems, our goal is to Amaze you, our client; meet your needs for drinking water, wastewater, reuse, stormwater, and water supply; and help you sustain the communities you serve well into the future.


Water engineering is a cornerstone of our firm and a discipline in which we apply the most advanced technology.


Our ability to perform comprehensive water services in-house enables us to offer our clients greater project control, better quality, reduced risk, and a maintainable schedule and budget. At Gannett Fleming, our clients have access to all of the resources you expect from a global infrastructure company. Yet, our private ownership and culture allow us to maintain close, trusted relationships with our clients, as your projects develop from planning through operations.


Water is an essential part of life, and we do not take our responsibility lightly. We consider each water project an opportunity to innovate, evolve, and look at things in new and different ways to protect public health and ensure the long-term sustainability of the Earth’s most valuable natural resource.

Water Resources


New water sources are increasingly costly to develop, while demand for safe, reliable water continues to rise. We know that every drop is a potential source, and we are proficient in traditional sources and also non-traditional sources, such as aggressive optimization of existing resources, conservation, impaired groundwater, water reuse, and desalination. With experience in surface and groundwater sources, treatment, reuse, and permitting, Gannett Fleming helps clients maximize their existing water supply, develop new ones, and determine the best route to future water supply sustainability.


Drinking Water


Gannett Fleming focuses on drinking water reliability and quality at the best value. We deliver solutions that address your specific water quality and conveyance challenges—integrating technology, economics, sustainability, and compliance. Our team has investigated, tested, planned, designed, and constructed scores of award-winning water treatment plants, intakes, pump stations, water mains, and storage facilities. We know that delivering reliable, high-quality water involves every system component, from source to customer tap.




We focus on stormwater management that restores the ecosystem, returns water for future use, benefits the community, and controls compliance and maintenance costs. Our team is skilled in both traditional infrastructure and green initiatives, emphasizing solutions that blend with the landscape. Well-versed in local, state, and national design standards, we ensure your assets are TMDL and NPDES–Phase II compliant. We also help clients implement programs for the assessment of stormwater fees for infrastructure improvements.




Municipalities, utilities, and private industries are continually challenged to treat wastewater to increasing levels of quality at the best possible value. We seek to recover value from the energy, nutrients, and precious water we treat. Having designed hundreds of wastewater treatment plants and pump stations, we work to solve our clients’ challenges and ensure a fair return on investment. We also help navigate complex regulatory landscapes, nutrient discharge limits, social involvement, and funding issues. Our green approach incorporates sustainable designs, energy-saving processes, and natural treatment technologies.


Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment Facility, Washington County, Pa.


Water Resources


  • Advanced treatment
  • Conservation and optimization
  • Dam engineering
  • Groundwater and hydrogeology
  • Permitting
  • Safe yield and water supply modeling
  • Water demand forecasting
  • Water reuse treatment and distribution.


Drinking Water


  • Asset management and planning
  • Pumping
  • Transmission, distribution, and storage
  • Utility management, rates, and funding
  • Water treatment plants.




  • Planning
  • Pumping
  • Stormwater collection and treatment facilities
  • Stream restoration
  • Utility management, fees, and funding.




  • Advanced treatment and reuse
  • Asset management and planning
  • Interceptors, force mains, and collection systems
  • Pumping
  • Utility management, rates, and funding
  • Wastewater treatment and recovery plants.


Industrial Wastewater


  • Industrial wastewater pretreatment design
  • Industrial wastewater treatment alternatives analysis
  • Residual reuse assessments
  • Wastewater assessments
  • Wastewater permitting and negotiation
  • Water and energy reduction programs.




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